With every student package we hand out, we include a feedback form for our students to rate our course and add additional comments.  We also have a review section on our Facebook class page.  We do this so that we can have the best possible course to offer.  Here are just a few of the over 1000’s of testimonials that our past students have said about KCHS. 

(Disclaimer:  KCHS does not disclose the names of our students.  The students first name and last initial have been used to protect their privacy.  If at anytime a student wants their name displayed, that student must notify us through the feedback form, phone or email.  Until then, they will remain private.)


“Bruce was amazing.  I  had such a great time taking the class and will recommend it to everyone.  Bruce was extremely knowledgeable, as well as friendly and funny.  My range experience was top notch.  My husband and I had visited Texas Star a day prior to the class.  Under my husbands guidance, I could not hit a single target.  Bruce’s training had me qualified on my first attempt.  Thank you so much Bruce!”

La Toya H.  Copperas Cove, TX.


Bruce is a great instructor and explained everything well.  I would definitely recommend Bruce’s class to anyone interested in getting a CHL.  The class was very helpful to gain knowledge about the use and safety of guns.  I definitely had a blast doing the qualifying.

Tricia C.  Killeen, TX.


“Bruce is a great instructor.  While at the range, he was very attentive and gave proper corrections to help with qualifying.  The classroom portion didn’t leave me yawning and ready to go.  I would recommend this class to anyone, beginners to advanced shooters.”

Kristy W.  Copperas Cove, TX.


“I enjoyed the class very much!  Bruce Kaase, the instructor, was awesome.  He made the class as fun as possible but still professional.  He taught me, and I would say the entire class, a lot of thing we did not know.  Bruce was also very patient in the class room and on the gun range.  I plan to go back for other classes.  Don’t let the low price make you think you will get a low quality training course, the price was much lower than the quality of the class.  I learned a lot.  Thank you Bruce Kaase, you did a wonderful job!”

Zachariah G.  Waco, TX.


“You kept my attention, made the laws easy to understand and made me laugh.  The slide show was very easy to understand and very helpful and very well put together.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class.  Thanks!”

Haley C.  Copperas Cove, TX.


“The class was a lot of fun!  The 6 or so hours I was there flew by and I learned a lot.  Bruce was extremely competent  and I will definitely recommend him to others because he can teach to experienced and not so experienced people.  I really liked how much he stressed safety and not getting complacent.”

Ashley G. Killeen, TX.  


“I have been a TDCJ Firearms Instructor since 1984.  Mr. Kaase Shared new info, explained new laws, policies, his knowledge and experience so well.  I am very pleased.  I will recommend his class and look forward to future contact about info.  Great job, I enjoyed the entire class!”

Sylvia N.  Gatesville, TX.


“Bruce made the class very informative and easy to learn.  I have been around guns most of my life, but I learned so much more today regarding safety, firing and malfunctioning of a firearm!”

Kayla M.  Gatesville, TX.


“A lot of the “Old Wives Tales” were laid to rest.  Good explanation of confusing legal wording.  All in all, a VERY good course.  I will recommend to all looking for a LTC Class.”

Jacob J.  Killeen, TX.


“Very long class that was managed beautifully with humor and seemed to fly by.  I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot.  Thank you for a job well done!”

Jacqueline S.  Valley Mills, TX.


“Bruce is a very knowledgeable person on everything that was taught.  The class was upbeat and he always had our attention.  I am leaving his class with more knowledge than I had before.”

Ben C.  Temple, TX.


“I enjoyed the manner in which Bruce taught the class.  He was funny when appropriate and serious when appropriate.  He gave a good amount of breaks.  He was very informative and brought things up I would have never thought about.”

Vanessa C.  Temple, TX. 


“The class program was thorough and flowed smoothly.  I think the interaction between students and instructor made the class not only informative but interesting as well.”

Connie S.  Copperas Cove,  TX.


“Very fun and interesting class, I learned a lot.  I feel more confident that I understand the laws that will soon be applicable to me.  I would recommend this class to everyone trying to obtain a license to carry!”

Corey R.  Killeen, TX.


“Instructor was very knowledgeable.  Information presented in a very professional and orderly fashion.  Class was interactive. Not “Death By Power Point”.  Overall, Excellent class.  Highly recommend to anyone looking to get a LTC.”

Sharnett J.  Killeen, TX.


“I was very skeptical because the price of the class was so low.  I  saw other instructors charging over $100 for a class.  I am glad I chose you for the class.  The class was beyond amazing!  The information was so easy to understand because of the way it was presented.  The atmosphere was not that of a class but a get together of friends.  I will recommend  your class to everyone who asks me about obtaining a chl.  Keep up the outstanding work Bruce!”

James W.  Killeen, TX.


“I highly recommend this lass to all gun owners regardless of skill level.  Bruce made class very informative as well as fun.  He places you through several scenarios to drive home the law of when you can and cannot draw your weapon.  I feel much more confident in myself after Bruce’s class.”

Philip N.  Harker Heights, TX.


“Bruce did an outstanding job explaining the laws of licensed carry and making is so everyone understood their rights.  Would recommend Kaase to anyone that is considering attending a similar class.”

Chris G.  Gatesville, TX.


“I found the Texas CHL class from Kaase Concealed Handgun School to be very educational and interesting.  It is not a long boring class you sit through.  The classes are small enough to offer good interaction with the instructor which makes the class more enjoyable.  Bruce is very educated in this field and has a lot of knowledge to bestow upon you.  Bruce is a great guy and will take his time to help his students.  I procrastinated for several years before I took the class and now I wish I had done it sooner.  If you are interested in getting your CHL or any firearms training, I would definitely recommend Kaase Concealed Handgun School.  Thank you Bruce and Gina.”

Budd A.  Kingsville, TX.


“Awesome class!!  I would sit in class all over again.  I recommend it to everyone.”

Clint U.  Lampasas, TX.


“Excellent Program.  This is my second concealed carry class.   The last one was in California and it was “a joke”, at least if you don't consider the dangerous potential.”

Mark C.  Robinson, TX.


“Anyone considering taking the class with Kaase, I highly recommend it.  Bruce is extremely knowledgeable.  He is great at explaining things so they are easy to comprehend and remember.  He also has a great sense of humor which makes a long class more enjoyable.”

Amber E.  Temple, TX.


“Outstanding class.  Teaches the necessary laws to safely carry in a fun, professional manner.  Dedicated to his students rain or shine...“If it aint raining, it aint training”.  Proved it at today’s range.  Highly recommended and from a woman perspective I was not intimidated or nervous at all.”

Leann G.  Copperas Cove, TX.


“Great experience, very informative and relaxing atmosphere.  Learned so much more than I anticipated.  Would highly recommend this instructor.”

Jason R.  Riesel, TX.


“Absolutely awesome class.  Very knowledgeable instructor who kept our attention throughout the entire class.  Brue was very strict, safety minded and helpful on the range which was greatly appreciated.  Great experience.  Thank you.”

Cindy K.  Temple, TX.


“I would recommend this class to ANYONE.  Fantastic class, very informative and you don’t feel rushed along just to make a time quota and be done.  I was genuinely impressed by Bruce.  I had no idea what to expect and was nervous that I’d be overwhelmed and not qualify but after meeting him and class started, that all went away quickly.  His explanation of the information is just unbeatable, especially for someone like me who is relativity new to firearms.  I feel much more confident in myself and my abilities to protect my family.”

Mindy H.  Gatesville, TX.


“I was so impressed with this class.  Bruce did an outstanding job instructing us on conceal carry.  He really has a passion for our freedom and a concern that everyone understands the concept of this program.  I would recommend this class to anyone that is interested in holding a class.  Looking forward to learning more from him with many other trainings.  When you meet Bruce, you see you have a friend that will be there for any need that you have.  He does not teach the class and forget about you.  He offers his help anytime.  I am looking forward to more trainings with him.  Thank you Bruce.  It was a pleasure meeting you today and for your help.”

Carl C.  Teague, TX.


“Had a great private class at the ranch today.  Would recommend Bruce Kaase’s CHL class to everyone.  Very educational and enjoyable day!!!!”

Shawn K.  Lampasas, TX.


“Ok, this was a great class.  I thought I was pretty well versed in the conceal carry laws, but found out I knew just enough to get in serious trouble.  Bruce and his crew run a very fun, very informative class.  Thank you to Kaase Concealed Handgun Training for making this a great day.  For anyone considering getting your CHL, take this class.  You will love it, I promise.”

Mark P.  Gatesville, TX.


“We are extremely pleased with our experience today.  Great class and awesome group of gentlemen.  Enjoyed every minute.  Thanks again.”

Tommy Y.  Harker Heights, TX.


“Bruce is very professional and he makes the educational class fun to be a part of.  I had a great time in class and at the range and felt I definitely learned more than if I had gone through another instructor!  We would choose Kaase Concealed Handgun School over and over again.”

Kelsey W.  Killeen, TX


“Great class!  Very informative!  Mr. Kaase kept it fun and not boring.  I’d recommend this class for getting your CHL!”

Jason S.  Copperas Cove, TX.


“A group of us (family and friends) took this class yesterday.  First of all, kudos to Bruce for putting up with us!  We’re kind of a wild bunch.  The class was so much fun and so very informative.  Bruce is extremely knowledgeable and knows his stuff.  If you’ve been thinking about getting your CHL, if you have a fear of guns, if you have questions about gun laws or your rights as a gun owner in Texas, go see Bruce!  All of your questions will be answered accurately and he will make sure you understand everything.  You will leave his classroom with confidence, awareness and knowledge.  I plan on sitting in on some classes in the future, just so I can continue learning.  Thank you Bruce, you are beyond an awesome instructor.”

Tracie S.  Killeen, TX.


“This is the best class to attend where you actually learn the information you need to know from an instructor who cares enough to go beyond a simple list of penal codes.  All others are a waste of time.  I highly recommend to anyone.

Stephen S.  Lampasas, TX.


“Would recommend to anyone in the area.  Nice vibe, good information and a pleasant range experience.”

Manny M.  Ft. Hood, TX.


“I was recommend by JT Sports in Copperas Cove when I purchased my first firearm there.  After a few weeks, I decided to take the concealed handgun class as recommended by my parents since I now own a firearm.  It was a great decision as I enjoyed the relaxed and humorous nature of the course, and of course, Bruce’s stories.  I handed one of his cards to someone I work with and will continue to recommend Bruce to anyone interested in taking a CHL class..:

George M. Copperas Cove, TX.


“There isn't any better CHL class out there!”

Bo B.  Belton, TX.


“Enjoyed the class.  The instructor took fairly boring material and made it interesting.  Kept everyone’s attention.  Had a great time!”

Linda R.  Lampasas, TX.


“Thanks Bruce, the information you related to the class was very interesting.  I learned more about gun issues than I’ve read online.  I didn’t know there was so much information & issues regarding a CHL License.  I plan on coming back in the new future just to sit in class.  Keep up the good work.  I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.”

Carl J. Groesbeck, TX


“Excellent, thorough instruction.  Very satisfied with the way the class was taught.  Presentation was very informative and instructor knowledgeable on all laws, safety handling.  Have already recommended class to other people.”

Tamieka W.  Groesbeck, TX


“Bruce did a really good job.  I wasn’t nervous on the range.  I feel like I should have done this class a lot sooner.”

Melissa M.  Kempner, TX.


“The class was very easy to understand and informative.  The staff was “super” friendly and fun.  Thank you for a “kick-ass” time.”

Dale L.  Killeen, TX.


“Class was awesome (even though it was taught by a Marine)!!  I appreciated the opportunity to ask a lot of questions.  I feel very confident after having taken the course, in my ability to use smart judgment with regard to the use of my weapon once I get my CHL!”

Nathan G.  Killeen, TX.


Bruce was very serious when needed but yet added life experiences and excellent examples into the class to make it interesting and engaging.  He also made it very easy to understand.”

Robert Z.  Woodway, TX.


“Very good job!  Professional yet down to Earth!  Thank you.”

Alice P.  Killeen, TX.


“Very Knowledgeable and stayed on point.  You can easily see that Bruce loves what he does and wants everyone to know and understand the material.”

Austin B.  Belton, TX.


“Instructor and staff were very kind and helpful with any assistance or questions asked.  Very much enjoyed the class!  You all are great!”

Jim R.  Belton, TX.


“Being my first time doing CHL class, I was nervous but turned out to be a great experience.  Thanks!”

Mary M. McGregor, TX.


“I really enjoyed the relaxed but serious environment.  Everything was explained in simple speak and terms.  I also enjoyed the breaks and meal.”

James S. Harker Heights, TX


“This is as best as it gets.”

Eddie W.  Gatesville, TX.


“Very fun class.  Down to earth people.  I appreciated the time spent instructing and being thorough with gun safety.”

Jackie B.  Lorena, TX.


“I enjoyed the class and it was easy to follow.  The help on a new weapon was greatly appreciated”

Kyle G. Whitney, TX.


“I am very satisfied with your course.  This is my first visit to Kaase gun school and I plan on making this the only range I shoot at.”

Adam M.  Copperas Cove, TX.


“Excellent instruction and knowledge.  Great teaching techniques so that you learn material and understand laws and liability.  Definitely recommend Bruce to anyone serious about CHL.  Range prep and instruction TOPS!”

Henry P.  McGregor, TX.


“10 being the best, I rate the school a 10.  I was very happy with the course over all.”

Cody W.  Robinson,  TX.


“We really enjoyed the class and learned a lot.  Believe my mom and wife are next.  Thanks a bunch.”

Mike M. Elm Mott, TX.


“Great course!  Bruce showed me a good experience and had a lot of patience with my lack of shooting time experience.”

Gina M.  Lorena, TX.


“Great Class, very easy to follow.  Keeps you interested.  Power point presentation was great.”

Billy B.  China Spring, TX.


“Thank you for the information provided.  It was easy to understand the laws for concealed carrying.”

Francis L.  Waco, TX.


“Bruce Kaase was a well informed, personal and organized instructor.  I feel and am more educated about gun/weapon use and laws from attending this school.”

Jeffrey J.  Waco, TX.


“The class was informational and interesting”

Brad D.  Austin,  TX.

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