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Concealed Handgun/License To Carry Class

$50 standard fee

*$35 for Military with a pistol or rifle range qualifying card, Correctional Officer and Jailers

We pay our students range fees


Basic Firearms Training Class - $25 per hour per person


NRA Certified Pistol Class - $125


Advanced Shooting Tactics - $125


NRA Certified Home Personal Protection Class - $125


NRA Outside the Home Personal Protection Class - $125


NRA Range Safety Officer Certification Class - $125


NRA Home Firearm Safety Class - $75

For all classes, please bring your driver's license or identification card, note taking materials and

everything that is listed below in the range requirements section for your firearms qualification.

Range Requirements

Eye protection

Ear protection

Baseball cap

Closed toe footwear

Preferably a collar shirt.  No tank tops or Low cuts shirts.

Preferably long pants/jeans.  Shorts are allowed

Handgun (Any caliber is authorized)

Ammunition (50 rounds, no reloads)

If you do not have a handgun, you may rent one of our handguns for $5 if you supply your own ammunition.  If we supply the handgun and ammunition, there will be a $25 fee.

You may either bring your own ammunition or buy it from KCHS.  If you are using one of our guns, you must bring brass ammo, NO STEEL CASED AMMO or RELOADS.

We have 9mm semi autos

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License To Carry Class

(We Pay Our Student’s Range Fees)

  *Special discounted rates are available for Military,  

      Correctional Officers, Jailers and Active LEOs*