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School Safety Program

The Texas Department of Public Safety Certified School Safety Program  (GC 411.1901) is a program designed to train school staff who have a License To Carry Handgun License to carry handguns in schools for defense against active shooters.  We provide the Texas Department of Public Safety approved program for school districts and staff.  We will hold the class at the school so that we can use live classroom scenarios in realistic environments.  During the state-mandated two day program, we educate the staff thoroughly on avoiding the active shooter, denying the active shooter entry and defending against the active shooter’s rampage.  We have realistic practical drills that all of the staff must participate in to stop an active shooter.  We use realistic training firearms to give the feel of a true active shooter situation.  We also will have the staff perform live fire drills at the range so that they can become proficient with shooting under duress at hostage targets.  The program designed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, in conjunction with various law enforcement agencies, took 3 1/2 years to make and has finally been approved.  Bruce Kaase with Kaase Concealed Handgun School was one of a handful of LTC Instructors from all of the instructors in Texas selected by the Texas Department of Public Safety to attend the first official certification course.  After the completion of the course, Bruce Kaase became a Texas Department of Public Safety Certified School Safety Instructor and is authorized to teach the School Safety Program to school district’s staff. 


The overall objective of this course is to educate staff on the responsibilities related to school safety who are employees of a school district or open-enrollment charter school who hold a license to carry a handgun. The outlined objectives are:


*  Protection of students

*  Tactics for denying an intruder entry into a classroom or school facility

*  Interaction of license holders with first responders

*  Tactics for denying an intruder entry into a classroom or school facility

*  Methods for increasing a license holders’ accuracy with a handgun while under duress  


Upon successful completion of the course, the staff member will receive a Texas Department of Public Safety Proof of Training Certificate that can be filed in the staff member’s file at the school.  The successfully  completed courses, with all of the staff members names who passed the program, will be filed with Texas Department of Public Safety as a part of their License to Carry. 


To become eligible to attend the program, the staff member must:

*  Hold a License To Carry (formerly CHL) Handgun License

*  Score a 90% on a License to Carry Written Test

*  Score a 90% on a License to Carry Handgun Proficiency Qualification


To successfully complete the program, the staff member must:

*  Score a 90% on the final written test

*  Complete the entire live fire portion

*  Be present for the entire class without missing any time.


School Safety Program Schedule:


Day 1

8:00am - 8:15am Welcome, introductions

8:15am - 9:15am Written Pre-test

9:15am -11:00am Range - Proficiency Pre-test

11:00am - 12:00pm Classroom (Section III. - Description of Course) 1

2:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch Break

1:00pm - 2:30pm Classroom (Section IV. – The Active Shooter Event)

2:30pm - 3:30pm Classroom (Section V. A – Human Response)

3:30pm – 5:00pm Classroom (Section V. B. 1. Avoid)


Day 2

8:00am – 10:00am Classroom (Section V. B. 2. Deny)

10:00am - 12:00pm Classroom (Section V. B. 3. Defend)

12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch Break

1:00pm – 2:30pm Classroom (Section VI. – Interaction with First Responders)

2:30pm – 3:00pm Range – Practical Exercise – (Shooting Under Duress)

3:00pm – 5:00pm Final written exam and School Safety Proof  of  Completion Certificate



The cost of the entire course is $200 per staff member.  The Texas Department of Public Safety allows only 6 staff members per 1 instructor.  We have another certified School Safety Instructor that will work with us to instruct up to 12 staff members, which is the maximum allowed per class.


Staff must bring the following:

*  A semi-automatic handgun or a revolver

*  200 rounds of ammunition

*  Eye protection

*  Ear protection

*  Closed toe shoes.  No sandals or flip flops allowed.

*  Long pants or jeans and a collared shirt.  No shorts, low cut V neck shirts or tank tops allowed

*  Black pen

*  Note taking material

*  If the staff wants to do a working lunch, we can do that.  This will allow the class to end at 4:00 pm each day.  If we do a working lunch, staff needs to bring a lunch and drinks.


For more information or to set up a free meeting to discuss the details of the program, please contact Bruce Kaase at 254-230-6953 or email bruce@kaasechs.com.

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