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Kaase Firearms &


FFL Licensed Dealer of Firearms

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A division of Kaase Concealed Handgun School, LLC.

Kaase Firearms & Tactical is a firearms dealership formed to save citizens money on the   purchase of firearms.  Owner Bruce Kaase, a FFL License Holder and a Texas Department of Public Safety Certified License To Carry Instructor, believes in the right to protect yourself without outrageous prices on firearms.  The way he is able to do that is to not have a lot of overhead.  It has worked out great and allows Kaase Firearms &Tactical to have lower prices on firearm than most places around.  

Here is how our program works to save you money.


Contact us for a specific firearm you are looking for.  From there, we will give you a no        obligation quote.  If you decide to purchase the firearm through us, you pay for the firearm.  From there, we will order it from our distributor and within 3 days, your firearm will be delivered to us.  When we receive the firearm, we will call you and arrange a day for pick up.  When you get here to pick up your firearm, you have to fill out a form 4473 and pass the instant FBI NICS background check we perform on you the day you pick up.  After everything processes and you are approved, we transfer the firearm to you.  It literally takes 5 minutes to have possession of your brand new firearm.  Most transfers are done on Fridays.  If the firearm comes in during the week, we will transfer it the evening it comes in.  We will keep some of the most popular firearms in stock.  We will post in stock items with an asterisk beside the firearm.

Current Firearms Pricing:

(All prices are final costs with tax already included.  Firearms with asterisks beside them are currently in stock.  All others will take 3 days shipping from our distributors)



Ruger American $450

SALE ITEM * Ruger LCP 2 $270

Ruger LC9 $375



Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 $340

Smith and Wesson M&P $500

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield $400



SALE ITEM * Springfield Armory XDe $470 (Save $10)

Springfield Armory XDs $450

Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 $500

Springfield Armory XDM $525



SALE ITEM *Taurus PT 111 Gen 2 $225 (Save $10)

SALE ITEM *Taurus TCP 738 $190 (Save $10)

SALE ITEM *Taurus TCP 738 w/Wings $200 (Save $10)




Walther CCP $425

SALE ITEM *Walther Creed $365 (Save $10)

SALE ITEM *Walther PK 380 $370 (Save $10)

And many more to come. 


If you want a specific firearm, contact us and we will give you a quote.


1212 Baldridge Dr.

Gatesville, TX.  76528

(254) 230-6953

For all of your handgun licensing and firearms training needs, please visit

Kaase Concealed Handgun School, LLC.

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